"Service is invisible. Service process is not"

“Service is invisible. Service process is not.”

There is a shift in trend of procuring to leasing of devices, medical supplies and spares over the past few decades. Healthcare providers aim for improved infrastructural facilities and reduction in capital. The short product lifecycle is another factor for accelerated growth of this vertical.

Apart from Durable Medical Equipment, monitoring and therapeutic devices have seen upward rental revenues during the pandemic. The constant struggle of hospitals, nursing homes to get access to as- in – when needed approved rentals / non – AMC spares for the medical equipment is the basis for The Healthcare Bridge to provide a platform where the hospitals/ Nursing homes and clinics attached could get benefit of the same services.

If you are Vendor supplying Medical Supplies, Spares, Instruments, Medical furniture, Equipments on rentals, follow the simple steps to make your supplies visible at the platform for the clinicians, hospitals, and nursing homes in our network.

In order to be a part of The Healthcare Bridge family of vendors you are required to follow the following simple steps:

  • Step1 Register:Register yourself as a vendor by filling in the details about your organisation/ company.

  • Step2 Login:Once you register, you will receive an email on your registered id which shares your Login details. Please note this step is very important to make your items / supplies searchable on the platform. Complete your profile and other elaborative details about your offerings to create your Listing. You can create multiple listings based on your offerings.

  • Step3 Verified:You will receive an email once your profile is verified. This verification means that you will be listed on any search by the hospital on the platform in your mentioned locations.

Every time a hospital / healthcare facility searches for your offerings in your mentioned locations and they select your items and book, a service request number will be mailed and a service is raised for you. You are expected to attend that service at that particular schedule. At the end of month the transaction amount based on the order is transferred to your account.

We at The Healthcare Bridge are committed to exceptional user experience hence we request you adhere to the guidelines and connect with us if you have any queries.


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